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About Dorkwad Media

Dorkwad Media was founded in September 2009 as the partnership that created, owns, operates, and does all sorts of awesome stuff with Zeke is Hungry. In the future, it would be really great if Dorkwad Media was a well-known company that had plenty of awesome brands under its umbrella. For now, itís all about Zeke!

About the Partners

Wendy has always loved zombies, and she has been a fan of the horror/comedy genre since childhood (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Dead Alive . . . oh yes). Wendy isn't your average horror fan, either. She is a certified elementary school teacher who spends her days substitute teaching and her nights waiting tables while she hopes to find a full-time gig or to become rich and famous. Wendy has drawn all of her life. She learned she was a talentless hack when she failed all the art classes she begged to get into in college. Her drawing teacher told her to keep with it though, so she did!

JD has also always loved zombies, and heís always loved the comic strip form. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Writing and instead of toiling away as a literary failure, opted to team up with Wendy to write a webcomic about an undead guy who eats people. At no point throughout this whole adventure has he regretted that decision.

About Zeke is Hungry

The story of Zeke is Hungry begins sometime in the summer of 2008, but the history of the idea predates the meeting of Wendy and JD. For years and years, Wendy has combined her love of zombies, her artistic ability, and her general awesomeness to create zombie birthday cards for friends and family. In 2008, Wendy began printing up a couple of her favorite designs and she sold those on a limited basis with some modest success.

But hereís the thing. Zombies are freakiní awesome. Everybody knows that. And Wendyís designs, and the idea of the cards, were just begging for something bigger. And that desire to have something bigger gave birth to the idea of creating a zombie character that people loved and recognized. Think about it, how many zombies are classic characters? How many do you recognize on sight and know the characterís name? Itís true that classically speaking, the entire purpose of the zombie is the nameless (sometimes faceless), automaton who drones about. So we had to change things up a bit. We hope you donít mind.

It took some time, but eventually Zeke developed into Zeke. This idea of creating a zombie who had friends and family (and a dog!) and lived his life became real. Zeke had a look, and after a bunch of brainstorming sessions, he got some parents and a girlfriend and a best friend (and, yes, the dog!). And thereís always more in the works.

The great thing about a comic strip, whether print or for the web, is that itís an open ended story. While there are certain limitations, the great thing is that you donít need to know where itís going, which characters will be involved, or anything. You just need an idea, some compelling characters, and a sense of humor.

We plan to run Zeke for a long time, and whether you were there at the beginning on November 2, 2009 or youíve jumped aboard at any time since, we hope you stick with us for the entire ride.

If you wanna learn more about the characters, read all the strips. Or be lazy and check out the Cast page.

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