Zeke is Hungry - The funniest zombie comic strip. Ever.

If you're new to Zeke is Hungry, the best way to learn about the characters is by reading all the strips! Still, at this page you can learn a little about each of the main characters.


Zeke was once just a normal guy with a girlfriend, a best friend, a dog, and a job as a pizza delivery guy. He's still the same guy, really. It's just that now he has an insatiable craving for human flesh.


PJ is Zeke's girlfriend. Some might find it strange that she's willing to date the living dead, but sometimes "Till Death Do Us Part" just isn't long enough.

Quincy "Robby" Robinson

There's nothing like a loyal best friend, and that's what Robby is. Of course, while PJ actually kinda likes having a boyfriend who eats people (creepy? Maybe a bit), Robby hasn't quite gotten used to it.


Oh, Bruce. Bruce really is a great dad to Zeke. He's also a bright guy, though sometimes he gets in a bit over his head. It's really hard to ever get mad at Bruce unless you're married to him.


Zeke's mom, Linda, is a great lady. She gets a bit frustrated with Bruce and his antics, but she's a lot like PJ. Secretly, she loves that her husband is the slightly eccentric guy he is.

Francis Finkelschmidt

Francis is an old high school friend of Zeke's, and though they weren't best buds or anything, Francis is a total dork who loves being friends with the walking dead. He's also good at building awesome stuff like robots (and he loves the Aquabats).


Bones is just a dog. No, really. He barks at stuff and wags his tail. Did you expect anthropomorphism? Come on, now. This is a realistic comic strip. Talking dog? Ridiculous.


What an annoying little ginger kid! Well, okay, so he's not so much annoying as he's a ginger kid, and that's enough. Zeke doesn't eat children, but Tommy doesn't know that. If you were a zombie, would you not frighten the children?

Zobo T. Clown

Creepy clown. All clowns are creepy, obviously, but Zobo just kinda wanders about the neighborhood it seems. He's kinda like the mysterious thief in the Zork games, but he probably won't feed you to a Grue.

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